What's new in Hercules

Posted in Hercules Soft on September 5, 2006

What's new in release 3.04.1

Release date: 25 March 2006

  • Fix to allow building for Intel-based Mac OS X (Jay Maynard)

Note: This version only applies to the Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) platform. Version 3.04 is current for all other platforms.

What's new in release 3.04

Release date: 24 February 2006

  • CCKD garbage collection fix (Greg Smith)
  • Reworked timing functions (Jan Jaeger)
  • Codepage 1047 conversion tables (Kevin Leonard)
  • Fixed off-by-one-day bug with SYSEPOCH other than 1900; added new config parameter, YROFFSET, and added warning if SYSEPOCH is not 1900 or 1960 (Jay Maynard, Jan Jaeger)
  • New 2305 CKD disk emulation (Jay Maynard)
  • Added floating point instructions CEGR, CDGR and CXGR (Bernard van der Helm)
  • Added support for cgi-bin dynamic modules (David "Fish" Trout)
  • Instruction fixes: PLO, CVB, CXFBR, CXGBR (Bernard van der Helm, David "Fish" Trout, Greg Smith, Pasi Pirhonen)
  • Fix for Windows ..relative path dasd files (David "Fish" Trout)

What's new in release 3.03.1

Release date: 30 December 2005

  • Fix translation exception bug that was causing some Linux kernels to panic (Fabrizio Calabretta, Greg Smith, Ivan Warren)
  • TOD Clock-Steering Facility (Jan Jaeger, Bernard van der Helm)
  • Fix bug in shadow file filename processing on native Windows (David "Fish" Trout)
  • Performance improvements in TM instruction family (Bernard van der Helm)
  • Support for Linux zipl LOADPARM of PROMPT (Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 3.03

Release date: 20 December 2005

  • Native Windows version no longer requires Cygwin (David "Fish" Trout, Roger Bowler, Ivan Warren)
  • SMP host integrity fixes (Greg Smith, David "Fish" Trout, Bob Deblier)
  • ALS5, z9 and other architectural enhancements (Roger Bowler, Bernard van der Helm, Jan Jaeger, David "Fish" Trout)
  • Restructured cryptographic support no longer depends on libgcrypt (Bernard van der Helm, Roger Bowler, Ivan Warren)
  • Support emulation of up to 32 CPUs; maximum without special build options now 8 (Ivan Warren)
  • Enhanced semigraphical control panel now uses all of larger console windows (Greg Smith, David "Fish" Trout)
  • Many emulation fixes (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger, Bernard van der Helm, David "Fish" Trout, Greg Smith, Ivan Warren, Andy Styles, John Decker)
  • CMPSC fixes now produce identical results with real systems (Jacques Dilbert, Bernard van der Helm)
  • Integrated 1052-C / 3215-C console support (Jan Jaeger)
  • tapecopy support for writing as well as reading tapes (Jay Maynard)

What's new in release 3.02

Release date: 11 December 2004

  • Significant performance improvements (Jan Jaeger, Greg Smith, Gabor Hoffer)
  • SIE performance almost the same as native (Jan Jaeger, Gabor Hoffer)
  • SCSI tape support in Windows (David "Fish" Trout)
  • Mac OS X CTC networking support (Jay Maynard)
  • Suspend/resume facility (Greg Smith)
  • ASN-and-LX-Reuse Facility (Roger Bowler)
  • Enable or disable ASN-and-LX-reuse in config (Jan Jaeger, Ivan Warren)
  • Extended Translation Facility 3 (Bernard van der Helm)
  • DAT-enhancement facility (Roger Bowler)
  • Immediate CCWs now correctly handled when Suppress Incorrect Length Indication is specified (Ivan Warren)
  • 3270 option provided to control connection to group of devices (Ivan Warren)
  • 3270 connections can be limited by IP address (David "Fish" Trout)
  • Remaining 26 binary floating point instructions (Roger Bowler)
  • IPL CLear, System Reset, and System Reset Clear operator commands (Ivan Warren)
  • Pentium 4 optimizations enabled in gcc (Ivan Warren)

What's new in release 3.01

Release date: 30 November 2003

  • Bypass gcc 2.96 optimizer bug that caused incorrect instruction execution (Ivan Warren)
  • Added command-line control panel command history (Martin Gasparovic, Volker Bandke)
  • Message Security Assist (Bernard van der Helm, Jan Jaeger)
  • Fixed device interrupt pending on IPL that caused OS/360 to have to be IPLed twice (David "Fish" Trout, Greg Smith)
  • Added pthreads trace function for debugging (Greg Smith)
  • Fish threads code rewritten, closer to POSIX thread functionality while still performing better (David "Fish" Trout)
  • Fixed incompatibility with Windows NT telnet client (Greg Price, David "Fish" Trout)
  • Performance and integrity enhancements for RS instructions (Greg Smith)

What's new in release 3.00

Release date: 2 October 2003

  • Dynamically loaded module support for devices, instructions, and operator console panels (Jan Jaeger, David "Fish" Trout, Ivan Warren)
  • Shared and remote DASD support (Greg Smith)
  • z990 (ALS4) instruction support (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger, Bernard van der Helm)
  • HFP Multiply-Add/Subtract Facility (Roger Bowler)
  • Long Displacement Facility (Roger Bowler)
  • Simplified network adapter specifications (David "Fish" Trout, Jim Pierson)
  • New device emulations: 2703, 3410, 3490, 9347 (Ivan Warren)
  • ECPS:VM support (Ivan Warren)
  • Reworked process priority handling (Mark Gaubatz)
  • Greatly improved interval timer resolution (Mark Gaubatz)
  • Internal consistency checking improvvements (Greg Smith)
  • Corrected 3270 session disconnect processing (Ivan Warren)
  • Instruction disassembler in control panel (Jan Jaeger)
  • Tape read backward fixes (Jay Jaeger)
  • Fix for double memory consumption bug on Windows (Mark D., David "Fish" Trout)
  • OMA tape processing fixes (Ivan Warren)
  • Message logging restructuring (Jan Jaeger, David "Fish" Trout)
  • S/370 I/O race condition fixes (Victor Shkamerda, Greg Smith)
  • Manual pages for some commands (Jim Morrison)

What's new in release 2.17.1

Release date: 12 February 2003

  • Corrected RPM installed files permissions (John Summerfield)
  • Corrected dasdload verbosity level (Jay Maynard)
  • Corrected card reader eof/intrq option handling, added * to designate no file loaded (Jay Maynard)
  • Correct SLB instruction condition code (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix dasdutil.c track conversion function (Jim Morrison)

What's new in release 2.17

Release date: 1 February 2003

  • Restructured DASD subsystem: better use of memory, compressed FBA support, framework for shared DASD (Greg Smith)
  • New dasdcopy utility replaces ckd2cckd and cckd2ckd, and adds compressed FBA support (Greg Smith)
  • Native support for Mac OS X 10.2 and above (Paul Scott)
  • Reworked CTC and LCS emulation (Jim Pierson)
  • SMP host integrity fixes (Greg Smith and Jan Jaeger)
  • Fixes for compile errors with gcc 3.x (Greg Smith and David "Fish" Trout)
  • S/370 dual address space and MVS assist fixes (Jan Jaeger)
  • Renumbered all messages to consistent format, removed duplicate numbers, and began message documentation (Jay Maynard)
  • Added options for 1052/3215 consoles and card readers (Jay Maynard)
  • Numerous instruction and I/O emulation fixes (Greg Smith, Jan Jaeger, Juergen Dobrinski, Bernard van der Helm, Andy Norrie, and David "Fish" Trout)

What's new in release 2.16.5

Release date: 8 July 2002

  • Correct serious CCKD image file corruption error (Greg Smith)
  • Allow tape files to be opened for input if on CD-ROM (Volker Bandke)

What's new in release 2.16.4

Release date: 3 July 2002

  • Read backward support for emulated tape (Volker Bandke)
  • Added 9313, 9332, and 9335 to list of supported devices (Tomas Masek)

What's new in release 2.16.3

Release date: 2 July 2002

  • CTC fix for TurboLinux bug (Jim Pierson)
  • 3287 printer support via TN3270 (Tomas Masek)
  • S/370 extended memory fixes (Tomas Masek)
  • ctcadpt.c compilation fix for FreeBSD (Mark Szlaga)
  • Fixed 3270 ERASE ALL UNPROTECTED command to not count data read (Tomas Fott)
  • Fixes to ckdtab in dasdtab.c (Greg Smith)
  • Retrofitted cckd chkdsk fixes/enhancements (Greg Smith)
  • FBA fixes contributed by Tomas Masek (Greg Smith)
  • Compatibility fixes for cckd and 2.17 (Greg Smith)

What's new in release 2.16.2

Release date: 20 May 2002

  • Fixed 3350 dasdtab entry (Greg Smith)
  • Fixed 370 interval timer error (Valery Pogonchenko)
  • Control panel attach command bug fix (David "Fish" Trout)

What's new in release 2.16.1

Release date: 4 May 2002

  • fthreads locking fixes (David "Fish" Trout)
  • dasdload bug fix (Greg Smith)
  • FBA dasd devices allow any size disk (Jay Maynard)
  • Control panel attach command bug fix (Kris Van Hees)
  • Windows versions (finally) accessible from main page (Jay Maynard)

What's new in release 2.16

Release date: 20 April 2002

  • PER support (Jan Jaeger, Paul Leisy)
  • S/370 multiprocessor support (Jan Jaeger)
  • Licensed software restriction (Jan Jaeger, Jay Maynard)
  • Performance mods (Gabor Hoffer, Juergen Dobrinski, Greg Smith, and Paul Leisy)
  • Interrupt subclass priorities (Greg Smith)
  • dasdcat program (Malcolm Beattie, Roger Bowler)
  • Updated TCP/IP documentation (Roger Bowler)
  • CTCI support for Windows (David "Fish" Trout)
  • Print to unix pipe (Roger Bowler)
  • Preliminary Lan Channel Station (LCS) support
  • HTTP server (Jan Jaeger)
  • Various fixes (as recorded in CHANGES) (Paul Leisy, Matt Zimmerman, Greg Smith, Volker Bandke, Bernard van der Helm, David "Fish" Trout)

What's new in release 2.15

Release date: 04 December 2001

  • Autoconf added to ease portability (Matt Zimmerman, Fritz Elfert, Willem Konynenberg)
  • Numerous instruction fixes (Paul Leisy)
  • TUN/TAP support for Linux kernels beyond 2.4.6 (Matt Zimmerman)
  • Timer fixes (Greg Smith)
  • Synchronous I/O (Greg Smith)
  • Support for IPL from CD-ROMs as with HMC (Jan Jaeger)
  • CTC hang at shutdown fixed (Jan Jaeger)
  • CTC TCP/IP now works with VM/ESA (Kris Van Hees)
  • Compressed CKD endianness and RAS fixes (Greg Smith)
  • Hot reader support (David "Fish" Trout)
  • Machine checks now reported for host exceptions, loops, and wait states (Jan Jaeger)

(There was no release 2.14)

What's new in release 2.13

Release date: 05 July 2001

  • Restrict TODEPOCH to 1900, 1928, 1960, 1970, or 1988, and correct offset calculation (Michael Koehne)
  • HET unmount option (Michael Koehne)
  • quiet command (Michael Koehne)
  • Panel instruction disassembly (Jan Jaeger)
  • CMPSC corrections (Bernard van der Helm)
  • CTCT CTC over TCP/IP (Vic Cross)
  • Sundry instruction and channel fixes (Jan Jaeger)
  • Numerous instruction fixes (Paul Leisy)
  • CKD trace command (Valery Pogonchenko)
  • Performance enhancements (Juergen Dobrinski)
  • CGEBR/CGDBR instructions (Jan Jaeger)
  • CEGBR/CDGBR instructions (Kris Van Hees)
  • CKD 9345 support (Greg Smith)
  • Storage Key Assist (Jan Jaeger)
  • Move Page Facility 2 (Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 2.12

Release date: 04 May 2001

  • Numerous instruction fixes (Paul Leisy, Jan Jaeger, Peter Stammbach, Roger Bowler)
  • FBA and CKD read-only support (Greg Smith)
  • Enable ISKE/RRBE/SSKE in S/370 mode (Valery Pogonchenko)
  • CCKD corrections (Greg Smith)
  • CMPSC fixes for expansion (Greg Smith)
  • Correct prefix alignment for ESA/390 guest in 64 bit mode SIE (Jan Jaeger)
  • Card reader multiple files and EBCDIC autopad support
  • Support for built-in TUN driver of Linux kernel 2.4.x
  • Device I/O thread throttling (Greg Smith, Fish)
  • Small optimization of vstore/vfetch and TPI (Jan Jaeger)
  • Sense/Set Path Group ID for DASD (Jan Jaeger)
  • Dynamic device threads (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fast interrupt processing for MCK and PER (Jan Jaeger)
  • Allow HET files to reside on read-only media (Leland Lucius)
  • Utilities display versioning and copyright info (Greg Smith)
  • Present device end on terminating console session (Jan Jaeger)
  • sh panel command (Bernard van der Helm)
  • 9221 power-off diagnose (Jan Jaeger)
  • Debug format enhancements (Peter Stammbach)
  • Fix for device threads (Juergen Dobrinski)
  • Sundry new ESAME instructions and corrections (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger)
  • Improved interrupt processing (Valery Pogonchenko)
  • Incorrect-Length-Indication-Suppression facility (Jan Jaeger)
  • S/370 interval timer fixes (Mark Gaubatz)
  • 64-bit Interpretive Execution (Jan Jaeger)
  • IEEE floating point (Willem Konynenberg)
  • 64-bit panel updates (Roger Bowler)
  • LPM fixes and display subchannel command (Nobumichi Kozawa)
  • Fix amode64 in load_psw (Ulrich Weigand)
  • Multiply Logical instructions (Vic Cross)
  • Environment variables to override filenames of hercules.rc hercules.cnf and hercifc (Jan Jaeger)
  • Floating point enhancements (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger)
  • Country codepage tables (Roger Bowler)

What's new in release 2.11

Release date: 09 February 2001

  • Sundry new ESAME instructions and corrections (Jan Jaeger)
  • Panel display instruction operands (Roger Bowler)
  • TRAP and RP instructions (Jan Jaeger)
  • TP instruction (Roger Bowler)
  • Tape data chaining patch (Brandon Hill)
  • Bypass Cygwin stack problem (Greg Smith)
  • Fixes for Windows port (Volker Bandke)
  • SSK/ISK/RRB fix for 2K storage keys (Valery Pogonchenko, Jan Jaeger)
  • Extended Translation Facility 2 (Roger Bowler)
  • Divide Logical instructions (Vic Cross)

What's new in release 2.10

Release date: 02 February 2001

  • z/Architecture support (Jan Jaeger)
  • TUN/TAP support for CTC (Roger Bowler)
  • OSTAILOR VSE option (Roger Bowler)
  • 2K/4K storage key support (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fully functional CMPSC instruction (Bernard van der Helm)
  • Fix read-only AWSTAPE (Roger Bowler)
  • Sundry new ESAME instructions (Jan Jaeger, Roger Bowler)
  • Format-2 2K/4K IDAW (Roger Bowler)
  • ESAME 5-level DAT (Roger Bowler)
  • ESAME ASN authorization and ALET translation (Roger Bowler)
  • ESAME linkage-stack instructions (Roger Bowler)
  • ESAME subspace replacement (Roger Bowler)
  • ESAME DUCT format changes (Roger Bowler)
  • Unloaded tape drive support (Brandon Hill)
  • Extended floating point (Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Divide Single instructions (Jan Jaeger)
  • EPSW instruction (Roger Bowler)
  • Compressed CKD updates (Greg Smith)
  • Timer update correction (Valery Pogonchenko)
  • Fix MVCLE instruction (Jan Jaeger)
  • Interval Timer fix (Bob Abeles)

What's new in release 1.71

Release date: 18 January 2001

  • Compressed CKD DASD support release 2, with improved performance, shadow file support, and better reliability (Greg Smith)
  • Hercules Emulated Tape format support (Leland Lucius)
  • Make HET bzip2 compression optional, analogous to CCKD bzip2 (Jay Maynard)
  • Fix for track overflow record zeroing (Roger Bowler)
  • Clarified licensing discussion in FAQ (Roger Bowler)
  • Treat printer X'37' CCW as NOP (Jay Maynard, suggested by Brandon Hill)
  • Treat X'E503' MVS/XA assist instruction as no-op (Jay Maynard, suggested by Brandon Hill)
  • Read commands from hercules.rc at startup (Willem Konynenberg)
  • New tapelist program prints contents of 80-byte record tapes (Jim Morrison)
  • Increased MAXDBLK from 3000 to 40000 and MAXTTR from 10000 to 40000 in dasdload (Volker Bandke)

What's new in release 1.70

Release date: 3 December 2000

  • New file contains build scripts for Win32 version (Volker Bandke)
  • More performance enhancements (Juergen Dobrinski)
  • ALS-1 and ALS-2 support completion (Roger Bowler and Jan Jaeger)
  • Extended Translation Facility (Roger Bowler)
  • Pick up correct float.c module (Jay Maynard for Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Distribute Windows binaries as well as Linux (Jay Maynard)
  • Fix orienting bug in CKD DASD search CCW processing (Bob Abeles)
  • Obtain TOD clock lock when accessing or updating 370 interval timer (Bob Abeles)
  • Change license to the QPL Open Source Definition-compliant license (Roger Bowler, Jay Maynard, and Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 1.69

Release date: 29 October 2000

  • Correct AXR and SXR instruction results when significance exception raised (Peter Kuschnerus, with help from Mario Bezzi)
  • Correct CD and CDR instruction condition code logic (Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Do not generate support for square root instructions in 370 mode (Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Floating point arithmetic tuning (Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Performance optimization fixes (Juergen Dobrinski)
  • Spelling corrections (Adam Thornton)
  • Fixed version number (Jay Maynard)

What's new in release 1.68

Release date: 8 October 2000

  • Rewritten and updated FAQ (Dave Morton)
  • Compressed CKD DASD support (Greg Smith)
  • Many performance improvements (Juergen Dobrinski, with help from Albert Louw and Valery Pogonchenko)
  • DASD I/O optimizations (Greg Smith and Malcolm Beattie)
  • Simplified building on non-Intel architectures (Jay Maynard)
  • Fix for random bug in MP instruction (Mario Bezzi)
  • Treat all 3505 card reader read CCWs the same (Jay Maynard)

What's new in release 1.67

Release date: 4 September 2000

  • Win32 portability changes (John Kozak)
  • Fix for 64K segment length checking in 370 DAT (Jay Maynard, found by Mario Bezzi)
  • Fix for TPI storing interrupt code when no interrupt pending (Jay Maynard, found by Greg Smith)
  • Skip to channel 9 and 12 support (Roger Bowler)
  • Panel refresh rate speedup and command (Reed Petty)
  • Fix storage protection override on fetch (Jan Jaeger)
  • SIE support, with S/370 and ESA/390 modes and vector support (Jan Jaeger)
  • Bugfix for MXR instruction (by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • CONCS, DISCS and RCHP instructions (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix flags on intermediate subchannel status (Jan Jaeger)
  • Break SYSCONS output lines when too long (Jan Jaeger)
  • Floating point instructions SQDR and SQER (by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Lock Page instruction (Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 1.66

Release date: 3 August 2000

  • Simplify logmsg and DEVTRACE macro definitions (Jay Maynard)
  • Prevent incorrect length indication on CONTROL NOP CCW (Jay Maynard)
  • Complete 370 HIO processing (Jay Maynard)
  • Correct nullification of TPI and TSCH (Jan Jaeger)
  • Add device locking to MSCH (Jan Jaeger)
  • Correct TPROT instruction (Jan Jaeger)
  • Correct address wrapping on assist instructions (Jan Jaeger)
  • Change interrupt logic to use longjmp on all interrupts (Jan Jaeger)
  • Clear remainder of ASTE when loading ASTE with ASF=0 in translate_asn (Jan Jaeger)
  • Add (incomplete) PLO instruction (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix CLCL interruption problem (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix addresswrap in MVO (Jan Jaeger)
  • Make ED and EDMK perform a trial run (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix address wraparound in MVO (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix CR15 corruption in form_stack_entry, fix nullification in form_stack_entry and unstack_registers (Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix loss of interrupts in PR (Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 1.65

Release date: 22 July 2000

  • Track overflow processing fixes (by Jay Maynard, suggested by Valery Pogonchenko)
  • Added TOD clock update to STCK, STCKE, DIAG 204, and TRACE processing (by Jay Maynard)
  • Fixed READ DEVICE CHARACTERISTICS alternate track values for 3380 and 3390 (by Peter Macdonald)
  • Skeletal CMPSC instruction (by Bernard van der Helm)
  • Added support for 3340 and 3375 DASD (by Jay Maynard, with help from Rick Fochtman and David Cole)
  • Corrected interval timer update increment (by Jay Maynard)
  • float.c optimization for new instruction decode and execution (by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Fix program check on TIC ccw (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix program check on NOP ccw (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Instruction decode & execution restructure (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Added -fomit-frame-pointer to compiles for improved performance (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix STCKE instruction (by Bernard van der Helm)

What's new in release 1.64

Release date: 4 July 2000

  • Added track overflow processing for CKD DASD (by Jay Maynard)
  • Makefile change to allow RPM building with RPM_BUILD_ROOT (by David Barth)
  • Added NetBSD build definitions to makefile (by Soren Jorvang)
  • Moved version definition to version.h and removed makefile dependency for source modules (by Jay Maynard)
  • Package change: tarball now explodes into hercules-<version> subdirectory (by Jay Maynard, suggested by Soren Jorvang)
  • Fix backward going TOD clock (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Suppress superflous HHC701/HHC702 messages (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Rework cpu.c to decode instructions by macro (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Bypass bug in IBM telnet client (by Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 1.63

Release date: 18 June 2000

  • 3270 CCW processing improvements (by Jan Jaeger)
  • OSTAILOR generalization, and new pgmtrace panel command (by Jan Jaeger)
  • VM IUCV instruction correction and DIAGNOSE improvements (by Jan Jaeger)
  • CPU timer and clock comparator improvements (by Jan Jaeger, after a suggestion by Willem Konynenberg)
  • 3480 READ BLOCK ID and LOCATE CCW support (by Brandon Hill)
  • Networking support via virtual CTCA (by Willem Konynenberg)
  • Restructured CPU execution, by function call instead of switch statement (by Mike Noel)
  • Support for IEBCOPY sequential output datasets in dasdload (by Ronen Tzur)
  • New dasdls command lists the VTOC of a CKD DASD volume (by Malcolm Beattie)
  • New AWSTAPE handling commands: tapesplt, tapemap (by Jay Maynard)
  • make install target to install in /usr/bin (by Jay Maynard)

What's new in release 1.62

Release date: 3 June 2000

  • Still more multiprocessor improvements (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Dynamic CPU reconfiguration (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Basic vector facility (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Floating point version 6 (by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • READ AND RESET BUFFERED LOG CCW (X'A4') support (by Jay Maynard)
  • WRITE SPECIAL CKD CCW (X'01') support (by Jay Maynard)
  • FBA DASD model reporting fixes (by Jay Maynard)

What's new in release 1.61

Release date: 21 May 2000

  • More multiprocessor improvements (by Jan Jaeger)
  • New startall/stopall panel commands (by Jan Jaeger)
  • STIDP stores processor address in first digit of CPU id (by Roger Bowler)
  • Correction to IPTE instruction for S/370 (by Jay Maynard)
  • Dummy HIO instruction for S/370 (by Jay Maynard)
  • Support for emulated 0671 FBA DASD (by Jay Maynard)
  • FBA device reserve/release CCW support (by Jay Maynard)
  • New OSTAILOR configuration option allows selective suppression of program check messages (by Jay Maynard)

What's new in release 1.60

Release date: 14 May 2000

  • Multiprocessor locking improvements (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Machine check and channel report word (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Store Channel Report Word (STCRW) instruction (by Jan Jaeger)
  • New attach/detach/define commands to allow dynamic addition and deletion of devices from the configuration (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Compare and Swap and Purge (CSP) instruction (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Broadcasted purging (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix LASP instruction SASN authorization using wrong AX if bits 29-31 are 010 and SASN = PASN (by Mario Bezzi)
  • Fix SAC instruction special operation exception setting secondary space mode when ASF=0 (by Mario Bezzi)
  • Remove intdrag option and replace drag command by toddrag command
  • New extpending flag to improve performance (originally contributed by Valery Pogonchenko and enhanced by Jan Jaeger)
  • Allow longer host name in console connected message (by Jay Maynard)
  • Floating point version 5 including fixes by Mario Bezzi (contributed by Peter Kuschnerus)

What's new in release 1.59

Release date: 30 Apr 2000

  • Missing interrupt after CSCH instruction
  • S/370 DAT support (contributed by Jay Maynard)
  • Tape device sense byte improvements (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Read Buffered Log (CCW X'24') for tape devices (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Reject Sense ID CCW for 3420 tape devices (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Suppress unprintable character in HMC messages (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Suppress attention interrupt if subchannel not enabled (by Roger Bowler)
  • New interrupt drag factor to improve performance (by Roger Bowler)
  • New toddrag and intdrag config options and drag control panel command allow drag factors to be set (by Roger Bowler)
  • Light optimization on CPU critical path (by Valery Pogonchenko)
  • Eliminate fetch protection override in S/370 mode (by Valery Pogonchenko)

What's new in release 1.58

Release date: 22 Apr 2000

  • Support for CKD DASD volumes exceeding 2GB such as 3390-3 (by Roger Bowler)
  • 3274-1D SELECT RB/RMP/RBP/WRT commands (by Roger Bowler)
  • Support for 3270 14-bit SBA addressing and inbound SFE order (by Roger Bowler)
  • Command reject if Write Structured Field CCW issued to a 3270 without extended attributes (by Roger Bowler)
  • Fix missing CSW_IL indication when CCW count exhausted (by Roger Bowler)
  • Do not set unit exception if CCW count is zero (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Suppress space switch event program check messages (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Branch tracing and cross memory tracing for BALR, BASR, BASSM, BAKR, BSA, BSG, SSAR, PC, PT, PR instructions (by Jan Jaeger)
  • New diagnose instruction to stop CPU (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Drag factor option slows down TOD clock, to decrease overhead on very slow machines (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Correction to PR instruction (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Correction to LASP instruction (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Make CLCLE/MVCLE/CKSM instructions conditional features (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Enable channel measurement mode (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Modify program_check() to handle shadow registers correctly (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Change DAT to favour PSTD in TEA, to give reduction in page fault path length (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Avoid clearing registers at CPU reset (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Leave GPR, AR and FPR intact during CPU reset for SADUMP (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Zeroize field for called space identification in PC stack entry (by Jan Jaeger)
  • New CCW X'8D' (Write Update Key and Data) required by STOW (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix for 0B7 abend in D M=CHP command (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Floating point version 4 including fixes by Valery Pogonchenko (contributed by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Fix incorrect second operand address in MVCIN instruction (by Roger Bowler)
  • Correct sign of zero result in SRP instruction (by Roger Bowler)
  • Erase Gap (CCW X'17') for tape devices (by Roger Bowler)
  • Activate MIPS counter on control panel (by Dutch Owen)
  • Suppress tracing of ISK, SCK, and DP instructions

What's new in release 1.57

Release date: 30 Mar 2000

  • Fix program check 0032 due to wrong stack entry being updated
  • Fix wrong SSTD loaded by LASP instruction (found by Jan Jaeger)
  • Bypass main storage lock in single CP configuration (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix incorrect condition code in PGIN instruction (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Corrections to expanded storage instructions (by Jan Jaeger)
  • New STCPS and SCHM instructions (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Set more appropriate sense bytes for tape errors

What's new in release 1.56

Release date: 28 Mar 2000

  • Fix incorrect unit exception on SCSI tape FSB/BSB CCW (reported by Daniel Rudin)
  • Fix unit check on AWSTAPE write (reported by Axel Schwarzer)
  • Close SCSI tape after tape is ejected
  • Detect tapemark during SCSI tape FSB/BSB CCW
  • Suppress HMC response prompt (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Expanded storage support (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Move Page Facility 2
  • Correct signed length error in MVCK/MVCS/MVCP (by Jan Jaeger)
  • Undetected CC=3 in SRP instruction
  • Wrong remainder in DP instruction when dividend is less than divisor
  • Specification exception in DP instruction should have higher priority than data exception

What's new in release 1.55

Release date: 22 Mar 2000

  • FBA minidisk support
  • Additional diagnose functions
  • Allow real storage frames to be marked unusable (by Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 1.54

Release date: 18 Mar 2000

  • Address wraparound improvement (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Floating point version 3 (contributed by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Correction to SLDA/SRA instructions (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Recognize tabs and end-of-file character in ASCII cardrdr files
  • Hercules-specific diagnose instructions (contributed by Jay Maynard)
  • Correct missing timer interrupt when interval timer goes from zero to negative (thanks to Valery Pogonchenko)
  • Enable HMC system console in S/370 mode
  • Correct sign propagation in multiply instruction
  • Reduce CPU thread priority (thanks to Steve Gay and Reed H.Petty)

What's new in release 1.53

Release date: 01 Mar 2000

  • Add BSF/FSF/BSB/FSB CCW support for tape devices
  • Allow final short block in OMA fixed block files
  • Allow processing of read-only AWSTAPE files and SCSI tapes
  • Skeleton ctcadpt module for future 3088 support
  • Correctly nullify IC/NI/OI/XI/CLM/STCM/ICM/TRT instructions on page translation exception (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • Improved floating point support (contributed by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Correct shift result when shift count exceeds 31 (thanks to Glen Herrmannsfeldt and Jay Maynard)
  • Fix incorrect MVCL cc=3 when destination length is 1

What's new in release 1.52

Release date: 19 Feb 2000

  • Prevent incorrect length indication on 3270 Select CCW
  • 2K storage protection for S/370
  • Prevent wait for console port (thanks to Malcolm Beattie)
  • Allow keyword parameters in configuration file
  • New sysepoch and tzoffset parameters (thanks to Jay Maynard)
  • Adjust TRACE and DIAG204 for extended TOD (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • Set TOD clock in SCK instruction (thanks to Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 1.51

Release date: 15 Feb 2000

  • 3270 read buffer fix for OS/360 NIP
  • Floating point instructions (contributed by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Remove 32-bit pointer dependency from dasdload for Alpha
  • HMC system console support (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Correct condition code after decimal overflow (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • Set reference and change bits for PSA access (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • New CRLF option for printer and card punch (default is now LF)

What's new in release 1.50

Release date: 10 Feb 2000

  • Remove interval timer debugging message
  • Fix hung console resulting from attention interrupt fix in 1.49
  • Seek and Set Sector (CCW=27) for Itel 7330 DASD controller
  • Correct SIGP handling of non-existent CPUs (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • Extended TOD clock bit in processor features (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • Alternate control panel help text (contributed by Dutch Owen)
  • Card reader end of file option (thanks to Dutch Owen)
  • Card reader ASCII/EBCDIC auto-detection
  • Fix SIGP RESTART to target correct CPU (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • Allow VTOC size and location to be specified for dasdload.

What's new in release 1.49

Release date: 05 Feb 2000

  • Alternate control panel (contributed by Dutch Owen)
  • Present attention interrupt when console connects
  • Fix dasdload CVOL logic (thanks to Jay Maynard)
  • Fix dasdload initialization of empty PDS
  • Allow device size to be specified for dasdload Note: the volser record in the pack layout file must be changed to specify the device type and cylinder count; the device type is no longer specified on the command line.
  • Add dummy Set Clock instruction (does nothing except set cc 0)

What's new in release 1.48

Release date: 31 Jan 2000

  • Fix dasdload to handle note lists (prevent 32D abend)
  • I/O interrupt performance enhancement
  • Correctly detect overflow in signed Add/Subtract instructions
  • Fix track overflow problem
  • 3270 Read Modified CCW

What's new in release 1.47

Release date: 23 Jan 2000

  • Allow tn3270 or telnet client to connect to specific device number
  • Align control panel instruction counter (thanks to Mario Bezzi)
  • Ensure panel display does not corrupt TEA (by Jan Jaeger)
  • STIDP incorrectly propagates high order bit of CPU model (fixed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix byte-ordering problem with CKD DASD header on non-Intel machines (reported by Adam Thornton)
  • STIDC instruction
  • Extended TOD clock (STCKE and SCKPF instructions)
  • 3211 Load FCB and Diagnostic Read CCW
  • 3270 Read Buffer CCW
  • Fix console.c to inhibit input while console has status pending

What's new in release 1.46

Release date: 11 Jan 2000

  • HSCH instruction
  • SIGP instruction
  • Suppress tracing of page faults
  • Display control registers and access registers after program check
  • Add regs parameter to program_check function calls
  • New panel command to perform store status function
  • Suppress tracing of CCW file protect and end of cylinder errors

What's new in release 1.45

Release date: 08 Jan 2000

  • Make MVCL/CLCL interruptible (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Diagnose 204 (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Read Channel Subsystem Info (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Fix incorrect register count in TRACE instruction
  • Correct nullification of STM/LM/LAM/STAM/STCTL/LCTL/STCM and SS instructions whose operands cross a page boundary
  • Suppression on Protection with Virtual-Address enhancement
  • Select correct address space for MVCS/MVCP (fixed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Correct registers after CLCL/CLCLE with non-zero condition code
  • Defer clock comparator interrupt while instruction stepping
  • Remove 32K limit on data chained write CCWs for non-CKD devices
  • Correct overrun error on data chained write for FBA DASD

What's new in release 1.44

Release date: 01 Jan 2000

  • Support for 9336 FBA DASD
  • Read Replicated Data command for FBA DASD
  • Prevent recursive program check after instruction fetch error
  • Operand tracing for MVCL/CLCL and RRE instructions

What's new in release 1.43

Release date: 27 Dec 1999

  • New control panel command: devlist
  • Write Update Data (X'85') CCW for CKD devices
  • Makefile changed to use $(CC) instead of cc
  • Fix dat.c to prevent ASN translation specification exception (program check X'0017') if subspace group facility is installed and ASF is one
  • Fix cpu.c to clear ILC before fetching instruction to prevent PSW being backed up if access error occurs during instruction fetch
  • Correct program check ILC when instruction is nullified
  • Obtain CPU model number for STIDP from configuration file (contributed by Jay Maynard) Note: if upgrading from an earlier release, you must change your hercules.cnf file to add a valid CPU model number after the CPU serial number
  • Prevent wait after devinit (thanks to Jay Maynard)
  • Open printer with O_SYNC to ensure buffers flushed (suggested by Daniel Seagraves)
  • Fix xmem.c to prevent loop in program_call when loading 4-word ETE (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • Improved TLB lookup (contributed by Jan Jaeger)

What's new in release 1.42

Release date: 16 Dec 1999

  • New makefile builds both S/370 and ESA/390 executables: hercules-370 and hercules-390 (contributed by Jay Maynard)
  • 3480 Set Path Group Id and Unassign CCWs (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • CFC and UPT instructions (contributed by Peter Kuschnerus)
  • Card punch support
  • Erase (X'11') CCW for CKD devices
  • Correct setting of translation exception address
  • Correct file mode when opening printer file
  • Correct condition code for shift arithmetic instructions

What's new in release 1.41

Release date: 07 Dec 1999

  • Set reference and change bits correctly for main storage accesses by channel, dat, xmem, stack, block, and service modules (thanks to Jan Jaeger)
  • New devinit command (contributed by Jay Maynard)
  • Reject control panel virtual storage display command if CR1=0
  • Fix dasdload to correctly write EOF record for empty file and to correctly fill block overhead fields in format4 DSCB.
  • Diagnose functions MSSFCALL and SCPEND (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Corrections to service.c and assist.c (contributed by Jan Jaeger)
  • Alpha platform portability definitions (contributed by Jay Maynard)
  • 3480 Assign CCW (thanks to Rick McKelvy)

What's new in release 1.40

Release date: 30 Nov 1999

  • New DASDISUP program performs OS/360 IEHIOSUP function
  • Correct SCSW handling for suspend/resume
  • Forward space file CCW for tape devices
  • 3480 load display CCW (contributed by Jan Jaeger) and sense path group id CCW (thanks to Rick McKelvy)
  • Correct handling of OMA tape headers to correctly recognize tape mark and to align headers to 16-byte boundary
  • EBCDIC character translation of CCW data displays
  • Fix command reject for CKD read commands outside the domain of a locate record

What's new in release 1.39

Release date: 24 Nov 1999

  • Concurrent sense
  • I/O initial status interruption
  • Channel program suspend/resume function and RSCH instruction
  • Read Device Characteristics CCW for 3480
  • Fix incorrect command reject on Sense Subsystem Status CCW
  • Increase 3270 write buffer size to prevent console I/O error when using Zap function of ZZSA
  • Fix very nasty error in dat.c causing wrong bytes to be fetched or stored when operand crosses page boundary
  • Remove temporary fix to ckddasd.c introduced in 1.37

What's new in release 1.38

Release date: 22 Nov 1999

  • New panel commands to allow storage alteration
  • Fix incorrect I/O parameter on attention interrupt (thanks to Jan Jaeger for reporting this bug)
  • Clear PMCW correctly during I/O reset
  • Change 3270 control unit type to 3274-1D
  • Fix restart command broken by 1.37

What's new in release 1.37

Release date: 19 Nov 1999

  • Storage range display
  • EBCDIC character translation of storage displays
  • New breakpoint command (contributed by Dan Horak)
  • Messages go to log file as well as screen if stdout is redirected
  • Fix missing interrupt caused by channel.c failing to obtain device lock before setting interrupt pending
  • Fix incorrect cond code 1 in attention SCSW built by console.c
  • New Read Channel Path Information service call
  • Temporary fix to ckddasd.c multitrack search
  • Addition of Read Device Characteristics and Sense Subsystem Status commands for CKD devices
  • New DASDPDSU program to unload PDS members from a CKD volume

What's new in release 1.36

Release date: 12 Nov 1999

  • Clear subchannel instruction
  • Correct fault causing control panel display corruption

What's new in release 1.35

Release date: 09 Nov 1999

  • Improved control panel user interface
  • New control panel commands: start, stop, restart, ipl, loadparm
  • New loadcore command to load disk image files
  • S/370 interval timer
  • Allow 31-bit mode linkage in lock instructions
  • Support for PCI in ESA/390 mode as well as S/370 mode
  • Correct problem causing false channel protection checks

What's new in release 1.34

Release date: 29 Oct 1999

  • New DASDLOAD program to create a CKD volume from unloaded PDS files
  • Correct CKD module to prevent record not found error on multitrack Read Count CCW

What's new in release 1.33

Release date: 26 Oct 1999

  • Write support for SCSI tapes and AWSTAPE files
  • Correct handling of REWIND command for AWSTAPE files
  • Correct nasty bug in Subtract Logical instruction (thanks to Roland Goetschi for finding this bug)
  • Ensure unique TOD clock values for Store Clock
  • Correction to unstacking process for PR instruction
  • Implementation of Read Multiple CKD command

What's new in release 1.32

Release date: 18 Oct 1999

  • Support for virtual tapes in OMA (Optical Media Attach) format
  • SCSI tape support (read-only)
  • Minor corrections to CKD DASD support
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