Hercules Version 3: Technical Support

Posted in Hercules Soft on September 16, 2005

Paid Support

Hercules does not have any official (formal) paid support in place...


I'm sure if you ask the group whether or not there's anyone out there willing to provide it, you'll probably get more than one response.     😉

I know for a fact that at least one person is already providing Hercules Technical Support on a paid basis, and as I said, I'm sure there are probably others out there who are either already doing it, or at least willing to do it, too. All you have to do is ask (any of the people involved with Hercules (users and/or developers)) and I'm sure more than one would be willing to provide it to you for a reasonable agreed-upon fee.

Your best approach for obtaining fee-paid tecnical support for Hercules would be to post an inquiry to the main Hercules-390 forum (see next section below) and simply ask whether anyone out there would be willing to provide it. As I said, I'm sure there are probably many people out there who would be willing to do so for the right price.

Free Support

Since Hercules is an Open Source product owned by no one in particular and copyrighted by many (lots of very sharp people have contributed over the years to Hercules's success), there doesn't exist any type of official "Technical Support Department" within any type of company or anything (like there usually is for closed-source products).

Instead, as with most Open Source products, there simply exists a dedicated group of individuals and enthusiasts who are willing to put in their spare time helping others with whatever problems and/or questions others may have regarding it. This dedicated group of Hercules enthusiasts is known as "our user community", and it honstly does, in this author's opinion, a pretty darn good job at providing whatever technical support most people find themselves needing.

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