Word-Switch Gag

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 24, 2004

    Popular gag used in Warner Brothers cartoons in which character A says a phrase, character B loudly contradicts it, and the argument goes back and forth, until character B suddenly adopts character A’s position, causing character A to adopt character B’s position, which was character B’s intent all along. Usually, this ends in disaster for character A.

    Classic examples of this gag are found in the Hunter’s Trilogy, in which Bugs repeatedly uses language -- Daffy identifies it as “pronoun trouble” -- to get Daffy on the business end of a shotgun. Other examples are the argument Bugs Bunny has with the Gashouse Gorilla disguised as an umpire in Baseball Bugs (Freleng, 1946) and Porky allowing Daffy to convince him that he is an eagle in Duck Soup to Nuts (Freleng, 1944).

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