Weber, Dave

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 24, 2004

    In Animato! #32, Hames Ware briefly described the uncredited career of Weber, crediting him with the voices, variously, of Rochester, Fred Allen, Edward G. Robinson, Walter Winchell, and the camel in Porky in Egypt (Clampett, 1938). Ware does not identify other cartoons, though one could guess that Thugs With Dirty Mugs (Avery, 1939), which features a Robinson caricature that does Fred Allen at one point, is probably one of the cartoons Weber worked on. [Note since first writing: In a later article, Ware confirms this.] He also contends that Weber provided the voice of Egghead, based on contemporary knowledge of his imitations of Joe Penner, whose voice was used as the model for Egghead’s.

    Ware later puts forth the startling idea that Webb and Weber were no less than one and the same person (Animato! #34). The identification was done through diligent detective work and photo comparisons. Ware also credits him with doing the Lionel Barrymore fish in Fresh Fish (Avery, 1939), Walter Winchell in several cartoons including The Lone Stranger and Porky (Clampett, 1939), Rochester in Pied Piper Porky (Clampett, 1939) and the mad camel in Porky in Egypt (Clampett, 1938). Weber/Webb seems to have been also responsible for a deep, froggy voice used in a number of cartoons, such as Count Me Out (Hardaway/Dalton, 1938).

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