Valee, Rudy

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 24, 2004


    Popular Crooner on radio and in films from the early 1930s, this is the Vallee referred to in Crosby, Columbo and Vallee (Harman/Ising, 1932). A caricature of him appears in The Lady in Red (Freleng, 1935), singing “Sweet Music”. The sequence is re-used in Toytown Hall (Freleng, 1936) and along with Bing Crosby as one of the “Crooner Crooner” cigars in Wholly Smoke (Tashlin, 1938). He is also one of the radio crooners whose portrait may be seen around the radio of Katie Canary in I Only Have Eyes for You (Avery, 1937).

    I would note in passing that a beautiful caricature of Vallee can be seen in the Fleischer cartoon Poor Cinderella (1934). Vallee also shows up in live action for a number Fleischer Screen Songs.

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