Truth Or Consequences

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 24, 2004

    Raucous game show that ran for years on both radio and television. The gist of the show was that contestants had to tell the truth in answering questions, or else pay a penalty, usually one designed to elicit laughs from the audience. One feature involved guessing the identity of a Miss Shush, a Mr. Hush, and The Walking Man from a series of clues given over a number of weeks.

    Each of these elements is parodied quite effectively in The Ducksters (Jones, 1950), in which Daffy plays a sadistic game show host victimizing Porky when he gives supposedly wrong answers. The title itself is a clever play on that of the 1947 movie The Hucksters, which took a healthy jab at the radio and advertising industries.

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