“Sucker” Morph

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    An oft-used gag with a few basic variations. Used when one character realizes they’ve “been had” by another. The face of the victim then vanishes, and is replaced with a lollypop labeled “Sucker”. Tom Turk and Daffy (Jones, 1944) uses a very elaborate version, with Porky turning into a jar of Dope and wearing a dunce cap as well. Other uses may be found in Little Orphan Airedale (Jones, 1947), Early to Bet (McKimson, 1951), after the cat loses one of several games to a bulldog, and The Big Snooze (Clampett, 1946), re-using animation from All This and Rabbit Stew (Avery, 1941).

    Slight variations, using either a “heel” or a ”jack-ass” can be found in Dog Collared (McKimson, 1951), A Mutt in a Rut (McKimson, 1959), Falling Hare (Clampett, 1943) and Plane Daffy (Tashlin, 1944).

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