Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    The New York City subways make a few appearences in Warner cartoons. Daffy enters an uptown platform in Daffy Doodles (McKimson, 1946) and puts mustaches on a whole trainload of passengers, following it up by posing as a conductor and putting a mustache on cop Porky Pig. In Hurdy Gurdy Hare (McKimson, 1950), Gruesome Gorilla falls from a ledge through the sidewalk and comes up as a straphanger, his arm through a sign that reads Bronx Express, then the IRT, most likely the Number 4 or 5 train of today. Bugs, as a conductor, pushes him toward the hole, noting that he used to work the shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central. Incidentally, this line still exists.

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