Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Singing group of the 1930s formed by basso profundo Thurl Ravenscroft, who would provide the voice of Tony the Tiger in later years. The group performed on a number of radio shows, and, prior to Ravesnscroft getting drafted in March of 1943, Keith Scott identifies them as performing in a number of Warner cartoons, including

        The Dover Boys (Jones, 1942) as the glee-club chorus
        Conrad the Sailor (Jones, 1942) as the chorus heard over the credits and in the first few seconds of the film
        Snowmans Land (Jones, 1939) singing over the credits
        Fifth Column Mouse (Freleng, 1943) probably as the chorus singing “We’ll Do It Again”
        Confederate Honey (Freleng, 1940)
        Fagin’s Freshman (Hardaway/Dalton, 1939) probably singing “Working Our Way Through College”
        Dangerous Dan McFoo (Avery, 1939) probably as the trio of semi-nattily attired singers

    Two of the Sportsmen, Ravenscroft and tenor Bill Days, sing the “Half of Me” number in Little Blabbermouse (Freleng, 1940). The whole group sings in a number of the little sketches.

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