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    Insufferably cute and earnest mouse created by Chuck Jones, who later evolved into a comically annoying character. The source of the voice is a matter of conjecture; various candidates, including Sara Berner and Bernice Hanson have been mentioned. Hames Ware, writing in Animato! #32, has put forth the thesis based on a study of old radio shows that Gay Seabrooke, who also did work for the Disney Studio and was seen in some Our Gang shorts, was the principal voice of Sniffles. Ware has noted that Sylvia Picker, Berner, and others may have done the voice at other times.

    Filmography, all Jones:

        Naughty But Mice (1939)
        Little Brother Rat (1939)
        Sniffles and the Bookworm (1939)
        Sniffles Takes A Trip (1940)
        The Egg Collector (1940)
        Bedtime for Sniffles (1940)
        Sniffles Bells the Cat (1941)
        Toy Trouble (1941)
        Brave Little Bat (1941)
        The Unbearable Bear (1943)
        Lost and Foundling (1944)
        Hush My Mouse (1946)

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