Rogers, Kent

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

(d. July, 1944)

    A voice actor, Rogers had had some bit roles and a few minor parts, whose work at Warners included the first Beaky Buzzard cartoons. Rogers is also believed by researcher Hames Ware to have supplied the voice for Henery Hawk. Ware describes the voice in Animato! #32 as Gorcey-like, referring to Leo Gorcey (1915-1969), the star of the long running series of Dead End Kids/East Side Kids/Bowery Boys films.

    Keith Scott has indicated that Rogers, remarkably, was responsible for virtually all of the male voices in Hollywood Steps Out (Avery, 1941), a truly impressive performance including Cary Grant, James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Mickey Rooney, James Stewart, Peter Lorre, Clark Gable, Ned Sparks, Henry Aldrich (in a bit that was re-used a number of times) and Groucho Marx. Rogers also did some work in Avery’s MGM classic Who Killed Who (1943).

    Ware notes that Rogers was tragically killed in WWII, but does not provide details. Scott notes that it occurred in July, 1944, shortly after Rogers had recorded some material for The Bashful Buzzard. Stan Freberg was called in to finish the work.

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