Red Skelton

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

(fl. 1997)

    Very popular radio and television comic starting in the early 1940s. Skelton created numerous characters, including Sheriff Deadeye, Clem Kaddidlehopper, and Junior, the Mean Widdle Kid, among others. Many of his characters, or their catch-phrases, appear in WB cartoons. Among these are:

        “Ooh! You Bwoke My Widdle      !” and “I/He Dood It.” Both of these were catch-phrases of Junior, and were used quite liberally. Examples can be found in
            Ain’t That Ducky (Freleng, 1945),
            The Impatient Patient (McCable, 1942),
            Birdy and the Beast (Clampett, 1944),
            Ballot Box Bunny (Freleng, 1951),
            Case of the Missing Hare (Jones, 1942), and others.

        “Heere I Yaaam!” This long, drawn out greeting was used by the country bumpkin character Clem Kaddidlehopper. Examples of its use can be seen in
            Buckaroo Bugs (Clampett, 1944) and
            Stage Door Cartoon (Freleng, 1944).

        Whoa Horse!
            While this phrase is usually associated with Yosemite Sam, as in Sahara Hare (Freleng, 1955) and Knighty Knight Bugs (Freleng, 1958), the inability to stop a runaway horse was first used by Skelton’s Sheriff Deadeye character, in much the manner that Red Hot Ryder did Buckaroo Bugs (Clampett, 1944).

        “He Don’t Know Me Vewy Well, Do He?”
            Usually said by Junior after someone has underestimated him. Said by Bugs, in the same vein, at the end of Hare Trigger (Freleng, 1945) and the start of Hare Tonic (Jones, 1945), as well as in numerous other cartoons. Said by Daffy and Chloe at the end of The Impatient Patient (McCabe, 1942).

        “Daaaisy June”
            The greeting Clem Kaddidlehopper gives to his girl friend. The Daffy Duckeroo (McCabe, 1942) uses this when Little Beaver, the huge Indian, is looking for his girlfriend.

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