Quentin Quail

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Character used by Chuck Jones in the cartoon of the same name (1946). The character is loosely based on the character of Baby Snooks’ father on the Fanny Brice radio show. An undated drawing appears in Beck’s book on Sylvester and Tweety, apparently drawn by Bob Clampett, showing a very Tweety-like character with a quail topknot. The text indicates that the designs were not used, though it does not provide any further detail, including why the Tweety form was used.

    It has been pointed out that “San Quentin Quail” is (or was) a slang term for underage girls, of the type that Errol Flynn was alleged to be chasing in the 1940s. San Quentin is, of course, a California penitentiary where violators, so to speak, would be sent to serve time.

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