Non-Stop Corrigan

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    At one point in A Feud There Was (Avery, 1938) a warring hillbilly has an unseen person cornered in a cellar. His inquiry of “Who’s that down thar in the cellar?” is met with a reply to the effect that the person is Non-stop Corrigan, who is lost.

    This refers to a well-known event of the time in which Douglas G. Corrigan of Los Angeles flew across the Atlantic from Brooklyn to Dublin without permission or passport on July 17, 1938. Corrigan was immediately hailed as “Wrong-way Corrigan” and honoured with a parade in New York, the New York Post printing its front-page headline of the event in reverse. Considering the cartoon was released on September 24, 1938, this was fast work on the part of Avery. Note that Stalling plays “Wearing of the Green” on the soundtrack.

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