McCarthy, Charlie

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Ventriloquist dummy creation of Edgar Bergen, a very popular character on the Chase and Sanborn radio show for NBC from the 1930s clear into the 1950s, when the transition was made to television. This was, incidentally, the show on opposite the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast by Orson Welles in 1938.

    McCarthy makes a brief appearance walking under his own motive power, along with his long-time feuding partner, W.C. Fields, in A Star is Hatched (Freleng, 1938). Egghead, knocked dizzy in a boxing match with Biff Stew in Count Me Out (Hardaway/Dalton, 1938), appears on his knee, doing a Charlie-like voice. The appearance most consistent with his radio appearances was in Cracked Ice (Tashlin, 1938), where an off-screen McCarthy heckles the on-screen pig W.C. Squeals.

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