Masianof, Alex

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Story writer for Warner Brothers some time during the period Chuck Jones was active when Leon Schlesinger owned the studio, that is to say, sometime between 1934 and 1944. Jones, in his autobiography, provides the only detailed information regarding Masianof that is available. (Chuck Amuck pp. 108-109) See also the second volume of his memoirs, which contains a record of a post-World War II encounter with this mysterious and intriguing figure. No cartoons are known to have carried his name in the credits.

    Masianof, a Russian cavalry officer before World War I judging from the Jones account, seems to have had a shaky grasp of either the English language, or the requirements of cartoon writing, or both. Jones cites this example of his prose:

        The poosey ring the bell
        Up jomped the little doggie
        Vhere is Mister Hen?
        She’s out with the raccoon.

    One could only wonder what a Masianof-written cartoon might have looked like.

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