Lone Ranger

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Exceptionally popular character of radio, movies, and later television, from 1933 on. The opening, indelibly linked with the the theme song of the show, Rossini’s William Tell overture, is to a certain extent spoofed in Buckaroo Bugs (Clampett, 1944). The Lone Stranger and Porky (Clampett, 1939) is probably the most detailed spoof of the show, though other cartoons, including The Film Fan (Clampett, 1939), Dripalong Daffy (Jones, 1951) also poke fun at the series. Fans of the series are spoofed in Thugs With Dirty Mugs (Avery, 1939) when the nogoodniks spin a safe dial, which turns out to be a radio dial, thus allowing the gang to tune into the show.

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