Hillbilly Hare

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Robert McKimson cartoon from 1950. Classic confrontation between Bugs and the Martin brothers Curt and Pumpkinhead, set in the Ozarks. The short features an extended square dance segment, the lyrics to which are as follows:

        Sourbelly trio:

         Lets all square dance!

         Places, all.
         Bow to your corner, bow to your own.

         Three hands up and round you go,
         break it up with a do-si-do.
         Chicken in the breadpan, kickin’ out dough,
         skip to m’loo, my darlin’.

         The old lady out, you pretty little thing,
         promenade around the ring.
         Big foot up and little foot down,
         make that big foot jar the ground.

         The lady step back and two gents in,
         back you go and forward again.
         Step right up with an elbow swing;
         skip to m’loo, my darlin’.

         Allemande left with your old left hand,
         follow through with a right left grand.
         Meet your honey with a great big smile;
         promenade, Indian-style.

        Bugs takes over:

         Promenade across the floor,
         sashay right on out the door.
         Out the door and into the glade,
         and everybody promenade!

         Step right up, youre doin’ fine,
         I’ll pull your beard, you’ll pull mine.
         Yank it again like you did before,
         break it up with a tug-of-war.

         Now, into the brook and fish for the trout,
         dive right in and splash about.
         Trout, trout, pretty little trout,
         one more splash and come right out!

         Shake like a hound dog, shake again;
         wallow around in the old pigpen.
         Wallow some more, you all know how,
         roll around like an old fat sow.

         Allemande left with your left hand,
         follow through with a right left grand.
         Now leave your partner, the dirty old thing,
         follow through with an elbow swing.

         Grab a fence post, hold it tight,
         whomp your partner with all your might.
         Hit him in the shin, hit him in the head,
         hit him again; the critter ain’t dead!

         Whop him low and whop him high,
         stick your finger in his eye.
         Pretty little rhythm, pretty little sound,
         bang your head against the ground.

         Promenade all around the room,
         promenade like a bride and groom.
         Open up the door and step right in,
         close the door and into a spin.

         Whirl, whirl, twist and twirl,
         jump all around like a flyin’ squirrel.
         Now, don’t you cuss and don’t you swear,
         just come right out and form a square.

         Now right hand over and left hand under,
         both join hands and run like thunder.

         Over the hill and over the dale,
         duck your head and lift your tail.

         Don’t you stray and don’t you roam,
         turn around and promenade home.
         Corn in the crib, wheat in the sack,
         turn your partner, promenade back.

        The Martins walk over the cliff

         And now you’re home; bow to your partner.
         Bow to the gent across the hall.
         And that is all!

        Fade out.

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