Have You Got Any Castles?

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    One of the Frank Tashlin cycle of “Things-Come-to-Life” cartoons from 1938.

    Note that during the Thin Man/White House Cookbook gag, there is a note pad in the background on which the phrase “Ask Boss for a raise” is written. A reflection, perhaps, on the notorious tight-fistedness of Leon Schlesinger?

    The segment in which Bill Robinson dances “The 39 Steps” and Cab Calloway sings “Swing for Sale” in “Seventh Heaven” is cut from prints shown today. Much of this segment re-uses animation from Clean Pastures (Freleng, 1937).

    A segment showing a bell-ringing caricature of Alexander Woolcott at the beginning of the cartoon was removed from reissue prints at his insistence.


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