Harris, Ken

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Standout animator for the Jones unit for many years who also directed Hare-Abian Nights (1959).

    The box on which the Coyote sets a booby-trapped glass of water in Beep Beep (Jones, 1952) is labeled “Harris Soups.” The hot-rod driver outpaced by the horseless carriage in There Auto Be a Law (McKimson, 1953) is almost certainly a caricature of Harris. There is speculation to the effect that he was also the model for Dan Backslide in The Dover Boys (Jones, 1942). Harris was a talented tennis player and pool player, as well as a hot-rod racer, which may explain the hot-rod and pool table gags in The Dover Boys. Chuck Jones in his memoirs also notes the resemblance of Harris to Wile E. Coyote.

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