Hare Ribbin’

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Brilliant Robert Clampett cartoon of 1944. Produced when Robert McKimson was at the peak of his powers as a senior animator, soon before his promotion to director later that year.

    The cartoon at has two unusual features. One is that much of the cartoon takes place underwater, with appropriate visual effects -- quite elaborate for a Warner Brothers cartoon. The other is that two different endings were filmed, a highly irregular practice, especially given the studio’s tight budgeting. In one version, the Mad Russian dog indicates he doesn’t deserve to live; Bugs hands him a pistol, and the dog does away with himself. In another version, it is Bugs who does in the dog, by putting the pistol in the mouth of the pooch and pulling the trigger. Needless to say, neither version is broadcast today.

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