Hansen, Bernice

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Voice actress who seems to have done a great deal of work in cartoons, and apparently nowhere else. For a number of years, Hansen was credited with all of the high-pitched “small” voices in Warner-released cartoons. While it is certain Hansen did work for Warners, exactly which voices she provided is subject to debate. Recent research suggests Hansen did not do the principal voice work for Sniffles. Cartoons that appear to use Hansen voices include:

        I Haven’t Got a Hat (Freleng, 1935)
        Golddiggers of ’49 (Avery, 1936)
        Plane Dippy (Avery, 1936)
        Page Miss Glory (Avery, 1936)
        Pigs is Pigs (Freleng, 1937)
        Little Brother Rat (Jones, 1939)
        Wacky Wildlife (Avery, 1940)

    Maltin credits Hansen with work at MGM, doing the voice of Little Cheezer in certain cartoons of Rudy Ising.


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