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    Perennial protector of Tweety and foil of Sylvester, seen almost exclusively Freleng’s Tweety versus Sylvester cartoons. Hare Trimmed (Freleng, 1953), a Bugs-Yosemite Sam-Granny flick, is a noteworthy and funny exception.

    A prototypical Granny can be seen in Hare Force (Freleng, 1944) and earlier, in Hiss and Make Up (Freleng, 1943) alongside Tweety. An even earlier version -- with a thirst for gin, no less -- appears in Little Red Walking Hood (Avery, 1937).

    During the Sylvester/Tweety period, Granny went through two basic forms. In the late forties and early fifties, she usually appeared in a blue dress, her hair done up in a bun. A typical example would be Canary Row (Freleng, 1950). Granny was gradually redesigned through the mid-to-late 1950s, with a larger face and glasses. It is in this form that she appears through the closure of the studio, in films such as like A Pizza Tweety Pie (Freleng, 1958).

    Her voice was provided by a variety of actresses, including June Foray and Bea Bernaderet. Also providing the voice on occasion were Gege Pearson and Joan Gerber.

    Filmography, all opposite Sylvester:

  • Cannery Row (Freleng, 1950)
  • Room and Bird (Freleng, 1951)
  • Tweety’s S.O.S. (Freleng, 1951)
  • Ain’t She Tweet (Freleng, 1952)
  • Gift Wrapped (Freleng, 1952)
  • Little Red Rodent Hood (Freleng, 1952)
  • Snow Business (Freleng, 1953)
  • Fowl Weather (Freleng, 1953)
  • Tom Tom Tomcat (Freleng, 1953)
  • A Streetcat Named Sylvester (Freleng, 1953)
  • Muzzle Tough (Freleng, 1954)
  • Sandy Claws (Freleng, 1955)
  • Red Riding Hoodwinked (Freleng, 1955)
  • Tweet and Sour (Freleng, 1956)
  • Tugboat Granny (Freleng, 1956)
  • Greedy for Tweety (Freleng, 1957)
  • A Pizza Tweety Pie (Freleng, 1958)
  • A Bird in a Bonnet (Freleng, 1958)
  • Trip for Tat (Freleng, 1960)
  • The Last Hungry Cat (Freleng, 1961)
  • The Jet Cage (Freleng, 1962)
  • Hawaiian Aye Aye (Chiniquy, 1964)


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