Garbo, Greta

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 5, 2004


    Mysterious and alluring Swedish actress well remembered her roles in many classic films, including Anna Christie, Ninotchka, Grand Hotel, and Queen Christina. Garbo was a regular figure of fun, with her heavy accent and allegedly large feet, which were expanded by the WB animators into veritable barges.

    A listing of Garbo caricatures and references in Warner-released cartoons would have to include the following:

  • Speaking of the Weather (Tashlin, 1937), in which she appears rocking on her feet as if in a rocking chair.
  • Hollywood Steps Out (Avery, 1941), in which she appears as a Swedish match girl, lighting a cigarette for Cary Grant
  • Porky’s Five and Ten (Clampett, 1938), as a fish
  • A Star is Hatched (Freleng, 1937), in which Emily speaks Garbo’s famous line from Grand Hotel: “I want to be alone”,
  • Have You Got Any Castles? (Tashlin, 1938) on the cover of -- what else? -- “So Big”
  • Bosko in Person (Harman-Ising, 1933)
  • The Daffy Duckeroo (McCabe, 1942) in the headline: “I Want to Be A Lone... Ranger”

    Daffy also dangles the prospect of Porky starring opposite Garbo at the end of You Ought to Be in Pictures (Freleng, 1940), getting a tomato in the face for his pains.


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