Duvall, Earl

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 5, 2004

    One of the handful of people brought in to direct cartoons subsequent to the departure of Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising, yet before the rise of Avery, Tashlin, Clampett, Jones, and others of their generation. His work for the studio is rather undistinguished, and has largely been forgotten. He directed only four cartoons.


  • Buddy’s Beer Garden (1933)
  • Buddy’s Show Boat (1933)
  • Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence (1933)
  • Honeymoon Hotel (1934)

    Honeymoon Hotel does have the distinction of being the studio’s first color cartoon. Duvall has one other major distinction, though it predates his work at Schlesinger’s studio: namely that when he worked for Disney, he produced the first Mickey Mouse Sunday comic strip page.

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