Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 5, 2004

    Even by feline standards, this cat is a lazy, stupid, fat, corrupt slob. He likes to eat, but the notion of work is too much for him, since no one in his lineage has worked for ages. Instead, he relies on a tiny, cross-eyed, airheaded kitten to get either mice or a bird for him, in Kiddin’ the Kitten (McKimson, 1952) and A Peck O’ Trouble (McKimson, 1953). This is usually done by the means of teaching (ha) the kitten how to do it, usually by the experience method. Dodsworth may be antiheroic, but the cartoons are quite funny. Beck and Friedwald note that he sounds like Sheldon Leonard. Other sources indicate that it was, in fact, Leonard who provided the voice.

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