Devine, Andy

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 5, 2004


    Supporting player on the Jack Benny radio program, especially as the deputy to the Buck Benny sheriff character. Devine was a sidekick to Roy Rogers, and had a popular children’s program of his own in the late 1950s, Andy’s Gang, part of its run on NBC. Devine also played an old marine carpenter in the first season of Flipper in 1964. Devine had a distinctive off-key, off-kilter, raspy voice which was used to advantage is a number of Warner Brothers cartoons, including:

  • My Little Buckaroo (Freleng, 1938) has as its star a pig version of Devine as a sheriff, singing in an off-key voice.
  • The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos (Tashlin, 1937) as Andy Bovine in a brief sketch with Jack Bunny.
  • Malibu Beach Party (Freleng, 1940), walking up the walk of the Benny beach house, after Bette Davis.
  • Slap Happy Pappy (Clampett, 1940), as the chicken at the gravel box.

    One of the writers for the Benny show, Milt Josefsberg, notes that the Devine greeting of “Hiya, Buck” -- used in the last three cartoons -- became a national catchphrase.

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