DeHaviland, Olivia

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 5, 2004

(1916 - fl. 1995)

    The sister of actress Joan Fontaine, de Havilland is best known for her roles opposite Errol Flynn (Adventures of Robin Hood and others) and her Oscar-nominated roles in Gone With the Wind, Hold Back the Dawn and The Snake Pit. de Havilland was also the actress responsible for the lawsuit that resulted in a landmark decision that set the outside limit of a studio-player contract at seven years, including suspension periods, striking a blow to the old studio system.

    de Havilland, or rather, “de Haviwwand”, is one of the three guesses made by Elmer Fudd as to who is covering his eyes in A Wild Hare (Avery, 1940).

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