Boulevardier From The Bronx

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on January 30, 2004

    Freleng cartoon from 1936, one of those featuring Emily, the foolish, love-starved chicken, and Claude, her country-bumpkin boyfriend.

    The literally cocky Dizzy Dan is probably a reference to the contemporary St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Dizzy Dean, who was a notorious braggart.

    Animation from this cartoon was re-used in Porky’s Baseball Broadcast (Freleng, 1940).

    The cartoon ends with Claude hitting a grand slam to win the game 4-3. Or did it? Recall that the score was 2-0 in the first. Another run is scored by the dog that can stretch itself between bases, and Dizzy Dan hits an inside-the-park home run. This made the score 4-0. Somebody evidently lost track of the score.

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