Binder, Henry

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on January 30, 2004

    Administrative assistant to Leon Schlesinger in the 1930s and early 1940s. Judging from available accounts, Binder seems to have been fairly well respected by the animators at the studio, unlike his colleague Ray Katz.

    Binder makes numerous appearances in Warner Brothers cartoons. He is seen at a table with Leon Schlesinger in Hollywood Steps Out (Avery, 1941). He is referred to during the Hitlerian rant at the start of Russian Rhapsody (Clampett, 1944), and is caricatured later in the same cartoon as the gremlin who sleeps while plane parts are sawn around his head. Binder, in live action, is the man throwing Porky bodily out of the sound stage in You Ought to be in Pictures (Freleng, 1940). A lion tamer named Clyde Binder is seen in Circus Today (Avery, 1940).

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