Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on January 30, 2004

    Cat who was one of the Our Gang-like characters introduced in I Haven’t Got a Hat Freleng, 1935) in an effort to create a lasting star. (Only Porky Pig would actually make it.) One of the few distinctions of the character is that he starred in the first cartoon directed by Tex Avery at the Studio.


  • I Haven’t Got a Hat (Freleng, 1935)
  • A Cartoonist’s Nightmare (King, 1935)
  • Hollywood Capers (King, 1935)
  • Golddiggers of ’49 (Avery, 1935)
  • Alpine Antics (King, 1936)
  • The Phantom Ship (King, 1936)
  • Boom Boom (King, 1936)
  • Westward Whoa! (King, 1936)
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