Abbott & Costello

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on January 30, 2004

    Classic comedy duo consisting of Bud Abbott (né William Alexander Abbott, 1897-1974) and Lou Costello (né Louis Francis Cristillo, 1906-1959) who moved directly from burlesque to film upon signing with Universal in 1941. The pair went on to have their own radio show in 1942, where they presented their now-classic “Who’s on first?” routine.

    A number of Warner Brothers cartoons feature Abbott & Costello parodies. Examples would have to include:

  • A Tale of Two Kitties (Clampett, 1942) featuring “Babbitt” and “Catstello” cats chasing the prototypical Tweety Bird.
  • A Tale of Two Mice (Tashlin, 1945)
  • Hollywood Canine Canteen (McKimson, 1946) featuring a brief bit with Abbott & Costello-like dogs
  • Hollywood Daffy (Freleng, 1946) shows dressing rooms for various stars of the day in a panning shot. Those of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are thin and fat, respectively
  • The Mouse-Merized Cat (McKimson, 1946)
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