A Tale Of Two Kitties

Posted in WB Cartoon Companion on March 22, 2004

    Clampett cartoon of 1942 which included the first starring role of Tweety, though a still earlier prototype had appeared in Wacky Blackout (Clampett, 1942). The cartoon was also the first to feature an Abbott and Costello-type team, a comic pattern which would be used repeatedly over the coming years. Tweety would not be named until Clampett’s 1944 cartoon, Birdy and the Beast.

    Two oddities in the cartoon. First: during the sequence in which Catstello is bouncing up and down on springs, he comes up at one point in a helmet; Tweety sticks a cigar in his mouth as he goes down, and in the next upward bounce, we see what appears to be the after-effect of an exploding cigar, yet no matching sound effect is heard. Secondly: when Tweety calls the Fourth Interceptor Command to report Catstello flying around, note that he is holding the telephone the wrong way, and is speaking into the wrong end, the cord coming out of the top of the handset. Makes one wonder how the Command heard him.

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