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Posted in Hercules Soft on November 25, 2002

XR27(rnd()) couldn't catch a clue if he smeared
himself from head to toe with clue juice and
stood naked in the middle of a clue field at the height of
clue mating season with a clue-call. He's clue-proof. - Morely Dotes

XR FAQ v1.2

Pre-FAQ Appetizer
Q. What is this FAQ?
A. This FAQ is an effort to collect all of the data and history on the usenet kook known as XR.

Q. Why is this FAQ?
A. When XR started kooking out in NANAE, most of the regular readers there did not know that this entity had a long history of this sort of thing, and newbies in ACFS, NANAE, and other groups are often intimidated by him. He also frequently abuses the abuse-reporting system, reporting people for what he calls spam. This is an effort to gather all of the data and history available so that everyone can know of his kookish ways.

Q. NANAE? ACFS? ACE? ACS? AFAB? SPEWS? What do all these acronyms mean?
A. NANAE refers to the newsgroup
ACFS refers to the newsgroup
ACE refers to the newsgroup alt.consumers.experiences
ACS refers to the newsgroup alt.consumers.sweepstakes
AFAB refers to the newsgroup
SPEWS is a system for blocking spam - more info HERE

Q. Where is this FAQ?
A. It is currently kept at Feel free to reproduce it in part or whole, just don't take credit for it.
UPDATE! XR has complained about this site to angelfire, and they shut it down and reinstated it twice now! Just another example of his abuse of the abuse-reporting system. The page is also hosted at mirrors such as:
Mirrors are welcome 😉 - change the html code, the color scheme, whatever, if you like.

Q. When is this FAQ?
A. This FAQ was not created until early 2002. XR has been annoying people for years, and it took quite a bit of research to uncover all of this information.

Q. Who is this FAQ?
A. Created and maintained by usenet readers, this FAQ is also the product of many other people. There are too many individuals to thank, but special thanks go to:
The readers of
The readers of
The readers of alt.consumers.experiences
The readers of alt.consumers.sweepstakes
The readers of

Q. How is this FAQ?
A. It's all done in Notepad and emacs. Some would say that vi was used, but that's just a legend.

The Meat & Potatoes
Q. Who is XR?
A. He is a net-kook who has gone by a number of different handles. Most recently, he goes by the name "XR####", where #### is some 4-digit number. He has also gone by the names "Bill" and "Will" and "Jeff". For the purpose of this FAQ, he shall be referred to simply as "XR". He has claimed that his real name is "Sean". The denizens of ACFS have given him the unflattering nickname, "muttonbone" (see why HERE). But his true identity is Scott A. Dentice of Spitze Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada. No word yet on whether his wife Lisa is as kooky as he is.

Q. What is the SSPBL?
A. The SSPBL or "Spam Support Permanent Blocklist" is XR's goofy creation. He claims that it is a "blocklist" for blocking spam-supporting companies. In reality, it is just a page with a list of companies that he doesn't like. How one is supposed to use such a page as a "blocklist" is something that nobody, including XR, has been able to explain just yet. When someone pointed out that there was no way to "query" the list, XR put a link to the ARIN whois for each company. Dumb. He has made sock puppets on NANAE asking to be "removed" from the list. He even claimed (here) that the list has caused major telecommunication companies to declare bankruptcy and their CEOs to resign!
View his creation for yourself here:

Q. How can I identify XR?
A. Aside from his known identities (see timeline below), there are other ways to tell if a post is XR's. His primary MO is to attack anyone he feels is a spammer or a spam supporter with a flurry of insults and curse words. He likes to claim more power than he actually has - he threatens with his "blocklist", claims to report people to their ISPs for abuse, and straight-out lies to try to intimidate people. In NANAE, he likes to attack people who have been listed in SPEWS. He also attacks those anti-spammers who he views as too lenient on spammers and spam-supporters. For example, he frequently attacks and In the alt.consumer groups, he likes to attack people who he views as "spamming" those groups and posting "off-topic". Anyone who posts with a "referral" link, even in their .sig, he attacks for "referral spamming". At one time, he enjoyed attacking radio personality Art Bell.

Q. What can I do about him?
A. The first thing to do, is not take anything he says seriously. Logic has no place in his realm, so debating him only adds fuel to the fire. Some choose to mock him for entertainment value, but the best thing to do is ignore him. Luckily, technology can help you. Drop him in your killfile (the "block sender" option in Outlook). See the next question on what to block.

Q. What services has XR used in the past?
A. The list is long. See timeline below for the short history. Continue reading for the long version.

Scott Emerges from the Primordial Ooze

The first known post by XR is in February of 1996. Scott ("LVScott" as he would later be known), probably using a free trial CD from AT&T, starts harassing AFAB and their IRC channel. Check it out here.

Important!!! Note that a poster going by the name "Lvscott" started posting to usenet in late 1999, and is still posting. This is *NOT* the same Lvscott! Look at any of his posts, and note the extreme lack of asshole-ishness. Please do not confuse him with XR the kook.
In April 1996, he starts using netcom. Something netcom would later regret. He is a cancer on netcom until about August of 1998, when netcom terminates his account.

The Billazoic Era

In October of 1998, XR apparently gets a new ISP. All of his posts for quite some time appear to have come from, a Las Vegas-based ISP which was apparently borged into in 1998. Currently, there is not even a homepage for - it redirects straight to the main page.

As "Bill", XR originally posted using the reply-to address of "". Note that is spelled L-A-N-S. In October 1998, XR is already fighting people in ACS and just making a general ass out of himself. He still also occasionally wandered into the group and annoyed people there. See his first known post HERE.

About 5 weeks later, XR inexplicably changes his reply-to to "". Nobody knows quite why. Maybe as spam prevention? before early 1999 belonged to Metro Online, AKA, a New York/New Jersey based ISP. Whether XR ever had any connection to or is unclear.

For about a year and a half, "Bill" posts this way. Then, he suddenly switches his reply-to to "". Again, the reasons for this are unclear. Maybe because changed ownership?
(They now belong to the Manhattan Ensemble Theater. They are still alive at

Later, XR started posted using the reply-to address of "". Whether this was ever an actual working address, and whether XR ever had any relation to, is still an unanswered question. What is/was Apparently the personal homepage/site of Ian McNish. It is still live and you can check it out HERE. Some people have theorized that Ian and "Bill"/XR are the same person. No evidence for this has been presented, and it is considered unlikely. Ian should be considered an innocent victim of XR's idiocy.

During this entire time, XR posted using a account. His last known post from this account was in July 2000 (lost account? or maybe his ISP changed news providers). He then switches his reply-to to (note spelling). This time, he is using a account - an account he will use for some time to come. He stuck with for a few weeks before switching back to

Later, XR inexplicably changed to "". Whether this was ever an actual working address, and whether XR ever had any relation to, is still an unanswered question. It seems completely unrelated to - (perhaps an attempt to hide his true identity?). What was Apparently a semi-adult clothing store in New York City.

XR makes one more change in his reply-to by changing it to "" for 2 weeks in February 2001, before the entity known as Bill seemingly disappears forever.

The ChinChang Dynasty

For a few days in June 2001, he went by a variety of pseudonyms, including "WonDumFul".

The Jeffassic Period

For about a month in 2001, XR went by the name "Jeff", using the initials "JYK" or "JK". Nothing notable really happened, except it was during this time that he finally started munging his address properly - after it was brought to his attention that his fake email addresses cause much unwanted spam for the owners of those domains. This also marks his last known posting from They killed his account, mostly in thanks to the legendary kook-wrangler, Taylor Netscum.

The XR Era

In October 2001, XR first uses the XR#### system, going by XR2700. He posted from AOL during this time. Since it only lasted about 2 months, it is assumed that he was using one of those free trial CDs.

He later changes to XR2702 (using Compuserve - another trial CD?), then XR2701 (using - WALMART!).
Interestingly, he chose to use XR2702 *before* XR2701. Also interesting is a post in 1998 by "XR2702". Was this post from *the* XR? Opinions are undecided at this time.

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