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Posted in Turtle on September 23, 2001

I really like the way this guy draws! Ozy (short for Ozymandias), a wolf, and Millie, a fox, are two kids who are smart, iconoclastic, and weird (especially Millie!) They spend their days dealing with dim-bulb jocks and closed-minded teachers at school, trendy fashion-obsessed cliquers in the neighborhood and the occasional bit of trouble at home, with a dollop of politics thrown in, and of course, lots of fun! That's Ozy & Millie, drawn by David "Rain" Simpson.

Sparky's this cartoon penguin wearing a snazzy visor thingy Yes, it's true; I get all my important political information from a talking cartoon penguin. Sparky the Wonder Penguin, the irrepressibly sarcastic star of This Modern World, drawn by a guy who calls himself Tom Tomorrow. No politician, Democrat or Republican, no big environment-despoiling, human-rights-abusing corporation, no misguided radical or gullible average Joe of any stripe is safe from Sparky's biting wit. It's a wordy strip, but well worth reading. (Note: Tom Tomorrow's homepage is here, but the above link takes you straight to the TMW archives on Salon.)

Kevin's the rabbit & Kell's the wolf A rabbit married to a wolf? In Kevin & Kell, drawn by Bill Holbrook, Kevin's the sysop for the online Herbivore Forum, and his wife Kell works for Herd Thinners, Inc. Wickedly funny animal jokes and true-to-life yet wacky computer jokes. Did I mention they have kids? A wolf named Rudy, an adopted porcupine named Lindesfarne, and a carnivorous baby bunny named Coney. (Note: if the above link doesn't work, try here.)

Freefall Freefall is a fun strip by Mark Stanley about an alien space pilot, Sam, who is the worst pilot in the galaxy; he's also lazy, shiftless, unscrupulous, and not all that bright... yet despite all that, he's quite a likeable character! His companions are Helix, a naïve four-legged robot, and Florence, a genetically-engineered anthropomorphic wolf who is the ship's engineer and the only competent crew member.

Know any other comic strips where an apartment building turns into a chicken? Slow Wave, by Jesse Reklaw, has got to be one of the weirdest, funniest strips I've ever seen! People send in weird dreams they've had to Jesse, who draws 'em in 4-panel comic form.

Follow RJ & Verne... to Over the Hedge If you liked Pogo, you'll also like Over The Hedge, a fun strip by Michael Fry and T Lewis about RJ (a raccoon) and Verne (a turtle), two critters living on the edge of suburbia. (And if you live in Houston, this webpage is almost the only way you can read Over the Hedge, since the Houston Chronicle used to carry it, but then dropped it. Hmph!)

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